Google Home and Chromecast devices experiencing issues

UPDATE: Google says that it’s got a fix for the Google Home and Chromecast issue that’ll roll out to devices over the next six hours. If you don’t feel like waiting, you can get things working right now by rebooting your device.

ORIGINAL: Google Home and Chromecast devices are experiencing issues worldwide. The issue was first noticed by Chromecast users this morning. These users reported that the Cast icon had disappeared from their favorite streaming services. Soon after, those with Google Home devices also began reporting that their devices were encountering issues.

Google support has been informing customers that the issue is worldwide and issued the following tweet:

It’s unclear what’s causing the issue. Some users have speculated that it could be a recent software patch sent out to Chromecast devices. Another possibility is that supporting servers have crashed. In any case, it might be a little while before you can use your Chromecast or Google Home device again.

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SOURCE: Android and Me – Read entire story here.

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