Google hosting Stadia Connect event on July 14

Google Stadia controller Founder's Edition

Get excited, Google Stadia fans, because we’ve now got a date for the next Stadia Connect event.

Google today revealed that it’ll host a Stadia Connect event on July 14. The company teases that we’ll see “some of the games coming to Stadia later this year” during the show.

Meanwhile, the official Twitter account for the Summer Game Fest also hints that there are “a few surprises” in store for this Stadia Connect. The Summer Game Fest is hosting and promoting gaming announcements from May through August, and Google’s Stadia Connect will be part of that. 

We’ve seen Google make several moves lately to entice consumers to give Stadia a try, including experimental support for all Android phones, lowering the price of the Stadia Premiere Edition, and offering 2 free months of Stadia Pro to everyone.

This Stadia Connect will be the next part of that effort, showing off what new games we can expect to see on Stadia for the remainder of 2020 and perhaps surprising us with some other news, too.

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