Google launching Pixel Superfans Program with events, offers, and gifts

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Are you a fan of Google’s Pixel devices? Perhaps even a superfan? If so, Google may invite you to join its new fan program.

Google is inviting some people to join its new Pixel Superfans Program. The invites are only going to a small number of folks who have bought multiple Nexus or Pixel devices from the Google Store over the years.

There’s an FAQ about the program that Google isn’t publicly sharing, but the folks at Android Police managed to get the URL and share it widely.

In the FAQ, Google explains that there’s no cost to join the Pixel Superfans Program. Those who are lucky enough to get in may be invited to in-person events, but those may require participants to cover expenses like travel. Members of the program may also “surprise perks” like exclusive offers and occasional gifts.

Folks who are being invited to the Pixel Superfans Program must answer an online survey with questions related to their hobbies and the Google devices they own. They’re also being asked to attend an online event where they can talk with Google’s Pixel team, ask questions, and help make Google’s devices better. The events are happening on August 17 and 18.

We’ve seen similar superfan programs created by other companies in the past. Groups like these reward dedicated fans by letting them talk to the people who make their devices, share their opinions to help improve future products, and evangelize those devices to more people.

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