Google Lens gains ability to copy text from paper to computer

Google Lens copy text from paper to computer

Google Lens is already a useful tool, helping you do things like identify plants and animals or saving a business card to your contacts using your phone’s camera. Now it’s learning some new tricks.

Google has announced that Lens can now copy and paste text from paper to your laptop. When you scan and select the text with Google Lens, you can tap “Copy to computer” to paste it on another device running Chrome. You just need to be signed into the same Google account on both devices.

Another new feature of Google Lens is learning how to pronounce words. You could already use Lens to translate words using your camera, but now you can select the text with Lens and tap the Listen button to have those words read out loud.

Google Lens in-line search

Finally, in-line Google Search results can help you quickly learn about things that you don’t understand. You can scan a complex phrase or word on paper and then perform a Google Search right there to learn more about that subject.

All of these features are starting to roll out today, except for Listen which is hitting Android now and is coming soon to iOS. Android users can try these features in the Google Lens app, while iOS folks can find Google Lens in the Google app.

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