Google Maps adding crisis navigation and info about hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods

Google Maps crisis navigation

Google Maps is getting better at helping you to avoid weather crises.

Google says that it’s updating Google Maps to help you avoid routes affected by crisis activity. A prominent alert will appear in Google Maps when you’re navigating and there’s a crisis that’ll affect your route, and Google Maps will work to help you avoid the disrupted area.

This feature will launch later this summer.

Google Maps hurricane, earthquake, flood info

Also coming soon to Google Maps are detailed visualizations about hurricanes and earthquakes. In the days before a hurricane hits, a crisis notification card on Google Maps will automatically appear if you’re near the affected area. You’ll see the hurricane forecast cone that’ll show the storm’s predicted trajectory along with the times that it’s expected to hit certain areas.

After an earthquake strikes, you can tap on a crisis card to see the earthquake’s shakemap visualization that’ll display its epicenter, magnitude, and a color coding to show how intense the shaking was in surrounding areas.

Finally, people in India will be able to see flood forecasts that’ll show where flooding is likely to occur as well as the expected severity in different areas.

Hurricane forecast cones and earthquake shakemaps will begin appearing in Google Maps on Android, iOS, desktop, and the mobile web in the coming weeks. Flood forecast visualizations will roll out in Patna, India soon and then expand to the Ganges and Brahmaputra regions on Android, desktop, and the mobile web.

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