Google Maps adding Waze-like incident reporting to Android app

It has been five years since Google acquired the navigation app Waze, but the app still functions on its own and is still popular.

One of the reasons drivers return to Waze so frequently is its real-time incident reporting. This allows for drivers to let others know what’s going on with a particular road as it happens, whether it’s an accident, construction, or even a police officer that’s been spotted. The app also lets users include even more information, like when an accident was reported or whether they have seen a road is suffering from congestion.

Google Maps may be adding the same feature to its app for all users, if a new report from Android Police is any indication. This particular feature was actually spotted being added into Google Maps a couple of weeks ago, and now it looks like the Google Maps team is starting to roll it out.


The feature brings real-time incident reporting to Google Maps, but it isn’t apparently available for everyone just yet. That could suggest that this is just a minor test, letting some Google Maps users get the feature, or it could be indicative of a wider rollout coming later.

Google Maps adding incident reporting is a huge gain for the service. Are you excited about the potential for this feature to see a public release soon?

SOURCE: Android and Me – Read entire story here.

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