Google may rebrand smart speakers to ‘Nest Home’

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When Google introduced the Nest Hub Max, it also renamed the Google Home Hub to Nest Hub. Now it looks like Google could make a similar change to its smart speakers.

Earlier today, the Google Store listed Google Home bases as “Nest Home Base”. The change appeared in the Special Offers section of the Google Store and in the terms and conditions, but the actual product page for the Google Home remained unchanged. The mentions of “Nest Home” have since been changed back, but not before 9to5Google saved some screenshots.

Nest Home rebrand Google Store

Google hasn’t issued a statement on the Google Home accessories briefly being renamed to “Nest Home”, so it’s unclear what the company’s plans are. That said, we already saw the Google Home Hub renamed to the Nest Home Hub, so it’s certainly possible that Google will change the name of its smart speakers to Nest Home in the future.

The Google Home is starting to get a bit long in the tooth, so it’s possible that that particular device will remain named the “Google Home” but that Google will move to “Nest Home” branding for future smart speakers. Nest is a brand known for its smart home products, and so Google may want to put smart speakers under that brand umbrella, despite the fact that the Google Home name has been around for awhile now.

What do you think Google is planning? Should it rebrand its smart speakers to “Nest Home”?

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