Google Nest Mini appears in FCC with wall mount

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Recent rumors suggested that there’s a Google Home Mini follow-up in the works, and now an FCC listing appears to have confirmed that.

An FCC entry for a new “interactive media streaming device” from Google has been spotted by Droid-Life. A diagram included with the entry shows a round device that looks an awful lot like a Google Home Mini, but there’s a hole on the bottom of the unit that looks like one you’d use to mount the device to a wall using a nail or screw.

Google Nest Mini

We can also see a hole on the back of the unit that’s likely for the power cable like on the existing Home Mini. On the side there’s another cutout that could be a mute switch like on the current Home Mini or it could be the 3.5mm audio jack that’s rumored to be included with the new model, which is expected to be called “Google Nest Mini”.

Other improvements rumored to be coming with the Google Nest Mini include better sound with improved bass and a higher max volume.

It’s been a couple of years since Google launched the original Home Mini, so it makes sense that a refresh would be in the works, especially since Google has been rebranding its smart speakers and displays under the Nest family lately. A Google event is expected next month for new Pixel phones, and now it seems likely that we’ll see this Nest Mini speaker there, too.

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