Google Pixel Buds will get feature drop updates like its Pixel phones

Google Pixel Buds 2nd gen

Google announced last year that it would regularly add new features to its Pixel phones with “feature drops”, and this week the company confirmed that the Pixel Buds will get similar updates.

Google says that the Pixel Buds will get their own feature drop updates that will “continue to introduce new helpful features over time, much like we do with Pixel phones.” It confirmed these plans to Forbes, but Google didn’t elaborate on how regular these Pixel Buds feature drops will come or what features they might bring.

So far we’ve seen Google release two feature drop updates for the Pixel phones in a span of 5 months. Both have brought some significant new features including dark mode scheduling, a Cards & Passes feature that lets you access your Google Pay cards by holding down the power button, and new emoji.

As for what features Google could bring to the Pixel Buds with feature drops, some EQ settings is one possibility. Google could also improve some of the Pixel Buds’ existing features with these updates, like the real-time translation.

What features would you like to see Google add to the Pixel Buds?

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