Google Play and Android TV begin highlighting health and fitness apps

Google Play Store healthy app collections

Things are strange right now for a lot of people who are quarantined at home, as many folks can’t go to work, see friends and family, or go to the gym. This week Google is rolling out new features of Android, Android TV, and Wear OS to help.

First up, Google has added a special section to the Play Store to highlight special offers on exercise and entertainment. The categories of apps chosen by Google include “Workouts & wellness”, “Language learning & more”, “Movies, TV & comics”, and “Mindfulness & meditation”.

Also available are roundups of apps to help you do things like “Sleep well & find balance” as well as “Stay healthy & work out”.

Android TV fitness apps

If you’d prefer Android TV for your fitness needs, Google is rolling out collections like “Stay mindful & fit” in the US to help you find apps that’ll help you work out in your living room with or without equipment.

You can also ask Google Assistant for help. Just say something like “Hey Google, show me workout videos” to to quickly access some YouTube tutorials on your smart display or phone.

Google Assistant can help you wash your hands, too. Saying “Hey Google, help me wash my hands” will have the Assistant play a 40-second song on your smart display, smart speaker, phone, or Wear OS smartwatch. You can also just set up Google Assistant to run a 40-second timer and skip the song, and on Wear OS, you can add a hand wash timer as a shortcut on your watch face.

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