Google Play Store dark theme begins appearing for some users

Google Play Store app

One day after Gmail finally starting getting its dark mode, another major Google app is going dark.

The Google Play Store app has gained a dark mode for at least some users. The folks at XDA-Developers discovered dark mode for the Play Store app on their Pixel 2 XL running Android 10. The app is version 16.6. 25.

The screenshots show that the Play Store’s dark theme isn’t completely black, but it does darken the background, navigation bar, and search bar of the app. The settings and the app pages are darkened, too, as well as the app reviews.

Google Play Store dark theme

Unfortunately, this Play Store dark theme doesn’t appear to be rolling out widely quite yet, so it could be a server-side test for some folks.

Google recently updated the Play Store with a new Material Theme, and in addition to adding a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and a Google Sans font on the app pages, the update also made most of the Play Store white. The update looks good, but it can be blindingly bright when you’re trying to browse the Play Store at night. Dark mode can help with that, and so hopefully we see it roll out widely soon.

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