Google releases new Android Q Beta 4 update after previous build had issues

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Last week, Google released the Android Q Beta 4 update, but pulled it shortly after because some Pixel users we having trouble installing it. Now a fresh update is ready to go.

Google today launched a new Android Q Beta 4 build. The new update is build QPP4.190502.019, whereas the previous, buggy build was QPP4.190502.018. The company says that it’s resuming updates to Pixel devices, so you should see the new update on your Pixel phone soon.

There are also system images available if you’d prefer to manually flash the new Android Q Beta 4 build.

The update to Android Q Beta 4 includes final APIs, updated build tools for Android Studio, and the official API 29 APK, all of which will help developers get their apps ready for the public release of Android Q in Q3 2019.

Are you running the Android Q beta on your phone? If so, how’s it working for you?

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