Google rolling out new features to make your trip planning easier

Google Your Trips saved search

Google wants to help you plan your next trip, and so it’s rolling out new features to do just that.

Google’s Your Trips will gain new features in October to help you organize your travel plans. For example, if you’ve started looking at information about a trip to Milan, Google will show potential trip information in the Your Trips section like flight prices you might be tracking, destination-specific flight and hotel searches, and places you’ve saved.

Google Flights Christmas New Year's pricing

Google Flights is getting improved, too. The feature already works to show you if a flight price you’re looking at for Thanksgiving is a good deal, and now Google is expanding this to include flight information for December holidays like Christmas and New Year’s. Google will also notify you if prices aren’t going to drop or are likely to rise in the next five days. These features will roll out in the coming weeks.

Google Your Trips hotel rating

Finally, a new hotel location score will summarize the neighborhood that a hotel is located in This feature will use info from Google Maps to tell you if a hotel is near things to do like bars, landmarks, and public transportation. You’ll also get info on getting to and from airports.

Planning a trip can be pretty stressful, as you’ve got to juggle a lot of different information and search for things to do and places to go in an unfamiliar city. With these new features, you can focus more on having fun planning your trip rather than worrying about finding the best flight price or the best hotel.

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