Google Stadia begins rolling out messaging support

Google Stadia controller

One week after gaining the ability to share games with family members, Google Stadia is now adding another major new feature.

Messaging appears to be rolling out now in Stadia. While Google hasn’t officially announced the new feature, several members of the r/Stadia subreddit say that they’re now able to send messages both on the web and on their phone.

The feature appears to work just like you’d expect. You can tap on a Stadia user’s profile and choose to send a text chat to them, and it looks like messaging works for groups, too. There also appears to be instant translation support, letting you type a message in one language and have it translated to another when you send the message.

Stadia messaging features

Messaging is a feature that could come in really handy for Google Stadia users. With it, you can quickly send a text message to a friend who’s online asking them if they want to play with you, share a link or gameplay clip, or whatever else, all within Stadia itself.

So far the rollout of messaging support in Stadia appears to be fairly slow. Several folks in Italy say that they’ve gotten it, but people in the U.K. and U.S. have checked in and said that it’s not live for them quite yet. Now that messaging has started appearing for some Stadia users, hopefully it’ll begin rolling out more widely soon.

Google Stadia messaging

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