Google to launch automated voice service for emergency calls on select Android phones

Google automated voice service emergency calls

There are some situations where you need to contact 911, but you’re unable to speak to an operator using your voice. Google today announced a new way to address this problem.

You’ll soon be able to have your important information conveyed to an emergency operator without speaking. Using Google’s tool, you’ll be able to tap “Medical”, “Fire”, or “Police” buttons during an emergency call to convey what kind of help you need to the operator using an automated voice service. The service works on-device, meaning your information stays between you and the operator and works even without a data connection.

You always have the option of speaking directly to the operator if you’re able to.

When you make a 911 call, your location is usually always shared from your phone’s GPS. Google’s automated voice service feature also shares your plus code, which is another way to help emergency services accurately find you.

Google will begin deploying this emergency assist feature in the U.S. in the coming months. It’ll be available in the Phone app on Pixel phones to start, but Google says it’ll also come to “select Android devices.”

There is a text-to-911 service available for people who are unable to speak or hear when they call 911, but that service isn’t available everywhere. While Google’s assistive service will be limited too, at least at first, it’s good to have more options available for folks who need to contact 911 but can’t talk directly with an operator.

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