Google Trips is getting new features to ease your travel planning

Google’s investments in making people’s trips easier extends beyond features built into Google Maps, as Google Trips articulates with its own efforts to make things a bit simpler in the planning process.

First, new features being added to the Your Trips section next month. The idea is to help keep things organized while you plan your next trip, so even if it takes a few days to plan out, you can keep tabs where you left off and start right there when you come back to it. Google will show flight prices for the place you’ve searched, along with destination-specific flight prices and hotel information.


For the folks who fly during holidays, Google Flights is taking into account December holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Day. Just like it has with flights planned around the Thanksgiving holiday, Google Flights will notify you if prices are going to stay where they are or if they’re likely to start rising. Google says these specific features will arrive over the next few weeks.

Google Maps is getting in on the fun, too. Another new feature being added to the mix is the ability to show relevant information based on a hotel’s location, so you can see what’s nearby. That includes bars, public transportation, and landmarks.

These new features should make the planning process, which can feel like a slog sometimes, a bit easier.

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