Google will now tell you when there aren’t any great results for your search

Google Search no good results

Everyone knows that Google Search is a great tool to find a piece of information you’re looking for. But sometimes it can be tough to know what to type into the search box, and one thing that you enter may not give you the results you want. Now Google is rolling out some help.

Starting today, a new message will appear when Google can’t find anything that matches your search well. This feature can also provide alternative searches and tips on how you can retry your search for better results.

You’ll also have the option to scroll through the results that Google did find for you to see for yourself if there’s anything helpful.

This feature is rolling out first in the US, and as you can see in the image above, it should work fine on mobile devices. Google says that you shouldn’t see it too much, but for those times when it does, it could be useful in helping you figure out how best to try your query.

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