Gorilla Glass Victus official with a focus on better drop and scratch protection

Gorilla Glass Victus official

Gorilla Glass is widely used in the smartphone world, having made it into more than 8 billion devices from more than 45 brands. And today Corning introduced the next version that very well could be in your next device.

Gorilla Glass Victus “significantly improves both drop and scratch performance” for the first time since Corning has been make its toughened glass. The company touts that Gorilla Glass Victus survived drops up to 2 meters (6.5 feet) onto hard and rough surfaces. To compare, competitive glass has been found to shatter when dropped from 0.8 meters (2.6 feet).

When it comes to scratch resistance, Gorilla Glass Victus offers a 2x improvement compared to Gorilla Glass 6, which is on devices like the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 10. Victus does even better when compared to the competition’s aluminosilicate glass, offering 4x better scratch resistance than the competitors.

As for when you’ll be able to buy a smartphone with Gorilla Glass Victus on it, Corning says that Samsung will be the first company to adopt Victus “in the near future.” Hey, doesn’t Samsung have a new flagship phone coming soon?

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