Gray Pixel 4 XL leaks again in high-quality hands-on photos

Gray Pixel 4 XL

Remember that unreleased gray Pixel 4 XL that we saw earlier this month? It’s back again today, but now we’re getting a much better look at it.

These new photos of the gray Pixel 4 XL are higher quality than the ones that surfaced earlier this month, showing off the matte dark gray finish on the back of the phone. Shared by Max Weinbach, the photos also show that the device has an omega symbol on its backside rather than a “G” for Google, which Google uses to indicate that this is a prototype device.

Google’s Pixel phones often have a power button that’s a different color than the rest of the phone to help it stand out. On this model, the power button is a lighter gray than the backside, giving the whole phone a sort of neat-looking grayscale look.

Gray Pixel 4 XL hands-on

The one downside of this color is that the matte gray backside looks a bit fingerprinty. Even still, this gray Pixel 4 XL looks pretty sharp, and it’s disappointing that Google opted not to release it. The color would’ve been a nice change from the white and black color options that most phones come in while also giving folks who don’t necessarily want a super loud orange phone another option.

If Google had released the Pixel 4 and 4 XL in this gray color, would you have bought one?

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