HBO Go app getting pulled and HBO Now being rebranded after HBO Max launch

HBO Go, Now, Max logos

The recent launch of HBO Max added another app to the list of HBO-related apps which also included HBO Go and HBO Now. Since then, there’s been some confusion about which app does what, and so now HBO is working to simplify things a bit.

The HBO Go app will be pulled from “primary platforms” on July 31st, HBO has confirmed to The Verge. Also changing is that on platforms where HBO Now is still available, like Roku and Amazon streaming devices, the app HBO Now will soon be rebranded to just “HBO”. On other platforms the HBO Now app was just rebranded to “HBO Max” when that service launched last month.

Once these changes roll out, we should be left with just “HBO” and “HBO Max” apps.

HBO Go has been around since 2010, offering existing HBO subscribers a way to watch shows on the go. Meanwhile, HBO Now launched in 2015 and allowed anyone to sign up for HBO without a cable subscription. Meanwhile, HBO Max just launched in May 2020 and includes the HBO catalog as well as lots of other content from WarnerMedia.

Having 3 different services with “HBO” in the name could understandably get confusing for some people. HBO even put together an explainer video to highlight the differences between HBO Go, HBO Now, and HBO Max. Even with that, though, the decision to consolidate down to two apps — HBO and HBO Max — is probably a smart one that should help to make things clearer for anyone interested in getting HBO content.

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