How do you multitask on your phone?

Microsoft Surface Duo open

When iOS 14 launches at some point in the near future, it’s going to have a bit more multitasking capabilities baked into it. For instance, picture-in-picture (PiP) will be supported by default, both for videos and FaceTime calls. Just a quick swipe gets you not only watching that video or enjoying a video call, but also jumping into another app if you need to.

It’s been a long time coming, yes, no argument there. But hey, at least it’s a thing that’s happening.

Of course, Android has had similar features for quite some time. The mobile operating system from Google makes it easy to get multiple things done at once, especially if you like Samsung phones. And the big screens we have these days means using two (or more) apps at the same time is actually something that isn’t awful.

Smartphone design is making multitasking even better these days, thanks to foldable phones. Or devices with more than one screen, like LG’s screen add-on and the upcoming Microsoft Surface Duo. These handsets are meant to give us more screen real estate not only interesting ways, but also in more helpful ways. If you’re a multitasker, then one of these handsets probably appeals to you.

They certainly appeal to me, and I don’t even consider myself someone who needs to multitask on my phone. Watching videos of devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 or the Surface Duo, and watching people use more than one app at a time gets me excited about doing the same thing. I think to myself, I could definitely take advantage of that. But I should know better. Because I know I won’t actually do it.

I barely multitask on my iPad, and that’s the device I should definitely be doing it on.

I’ve simply grown accustomed to doing things one at a time. The silver lining here is that I’m very fast at doing the things I need to get through quickly. I can switch apps, do what I need, and switch to something else with relative ease, so multitasking –or having two or more apps open at the same time– hasn’t really been a true blue desire of mine. But maybe I’m wanting a change so badly that these other devices, the ones that make multitasking easier, are calling out my name for a reason.

Which is why I wanted to find out how you multitask on your phone. Did you switch to something like a larger Samsung phone just for this ability? Will you jump to something like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 or the Surface Duo to make it even easier? Or do you not multitask on your phone at all, and prefer to do things on an individual basis? Let me know!

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