How many of Apple’s services do you use?

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Not too long ago, Apple revealed its latest quarterly earnings. Despite the current ongoing global health crisis, and plenty of people expecting the worst, the company had a pretty solid quarter as far as its hardware sales are concerned. But the real shining spot for the company came from its Services division and the ridiculous number that part of the business continues to rake in.

If you missed it, here’s the important bit: Apple’s Services division hit a new all-time high of $13.3 billion over this last quarter.

If you look further back to the first fiscal quarter, Apple’s Services division set an all-time record at that time, too, raking in a whopping $12.7 billion. In the fourth fiscal quarter of 2019 Services brought in $12.5 billion. So, as you can see it feels safe to say that Apple is definitely a services company now-a-days, and Apple would probably be perfectly okay with that description.

Apple has been leaning into services for quite some time now, but it feels like a more concerted effort has been happening over the last few years. Which makes sense considering the company is all about the ecosystem that its customers are in, sometimes referred to as the “walled garden”, a term fueled by the App Store for years. And Apple isn’t alone in this by any means. Google has its own options for services, and Samsung has tried for years to offer its own alternatives in a similar way to Apple to hopefully get people to fully invest in its goods, both hardware and software.

Services like Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple Card, iCloud, the App Store, the Mac App Store, Apple Pay, AppleCare, and others are all bundled up in the same division, and it’s safe to say that some of those elements are probably more successful than others. Apple News+ is in there, too, for instance. But it sounds like many of them are wildly popular now, and people are forking over money to use them.

Is Apple TV+ seeing that same level of attention? We’ll hopefully know more later this year, if Apple reveals numbers after the initial one-year free trials wrap up. Unfortunately, I doubt they will.

I pay for a few of these services. I’m technically subscribed to Apple TV+ (thanks to that aforementioned free trial), but I’ll probably end up keeping my subscription because, for the most part, I’ve liked the content Apple has released on its streaming service. I’m also signed up for Apple Arcade, but honestly this is on shaky ground for me. I’ve already canceled it once, but then Grindstone added new content and I came back. I’ve also officially transitioned away completely from Spotify and now consider myself an Apple Music customer (and I’m okay with that). I also use iCloud beyond the free tier — and that’s about it. Of course, I do use the App Stores, and I do use Apple Pay whenever I get the opportunity, so I’m still using those services, too.

But I’m curious: how many of Apple’s services do you use on a regular basis? Are they primarily monthly subscriptions? Or things like the App Store, Apple Pay, and the App Store? If you’re an Android user, do you use Apple Music? Let me know!

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