How would you change the Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Series 5

Way back in September of 2014, Apple was changing the smartwatch game. The company unveiled its first iteration of the Apple Watch back then (I know, it feels like forever ago now), and, since then, Apple has basically run the market. There are plenty of alternatives out there, and Google is still putting in some effort with its own smartwatch platform, but for the most part when it comes to a smartwatch the default is the Apple Watch.

Here we are in 2020 and Apple is on the Series 5 of its smartwatch family, and it’s on watchOS 6 as far as software is concerned. The company has refined the hardware and software over the years, making improvements where needed. That includes making design changes, like increasing the size of the display, and throwing in features like fall detection and an ECG app.

The Apple Watch offers a lot in a relatively tiny package. Oh, and if we can crib a bit from Apple’s own ads, it also tells the time.

I didn’t buy the first Apple Watch. I don’t even think I bought the second-generation smartwatch, either. I know that it took me some time before I jumped on that bandwagon. Not because I didn’t think Apple wasn’t offering something worth it, or even because it was too expensive (which, honestly, it was and it still might be!). But it really came down to the fact that when it came to a smartwatch I was perfectly happy with my Pebble, and I’d go back to a mechanical watch more often than not.

But now I wear an Apple Watch every single day and I guess everything is eventual.

It’s the little things about Apple’s smartwatch that won me over. The complications and the watch faces. The many different bands out there. Being able to make and/or answer a call, or send a text, or ask Siri for something. Sure, some of these things aren’t all that simple, but when you actually get around to using them they really are great.

And considering how popular the Apple Watch is, I imagine that folks out there in the wild feel the same way for the most part. And that’s what I’m curious about right now. Apple is going to unveil a new Apple Watch later this year, but the changes might be minimal this time around. (Apple may introduce yet another hardware change next year.) So, while we’re months away, I want to know what you’d change about the Apple Watch if you had the means to do so.

For me? I’d convince whoever it is at Apple I need to convince to finally get the smartwatch to support third-party watch faces. This is Apple we’re talking about so it’s not a surprise in the slightest that this is not a feature that the device supports, but Apple is starting to be a little lenient in this department on iOS so maybe we can start to see the same thing for watchOS in the near future.

That’s what I’d change about the Apple Watch right now. But what about you? Let me know!

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