HTC gains permission to use Wildfire brand once again


After months of being quiet, HTC introduced a couple of new smartphone models early this week. Considering it has kept pretty mum about what it is working on, we can’t expect HTC to unveil another device pretty soon. However, there are rumors that the company is working on a 5G flagship model to unveil later in the year. Additionally, there is reason to believe HTC is working on a new series under the Wildfire brand.

The report was first spotted by Russian website, Mobil Telefon. According to the website, HTC recently obtained permission to release 10 devices under the Wildfire brand with different variations. The company is said to be using the following names in its future devices: Wildfire E, Wildfire E Plus, Wildfire E1, Wildfire E1 Plus, Wildfire E2, Wildfire E2 Plus, Wildfire E3, Wildfire E3 Plus, Wildfire R, and Wildfire R Plus.

The last time HTC used this brand was in 2010 and 2011, when it launched the Wildfire and its successor, the Wildfire S. These two devices were released under a budget price range so it’s possible the 2019 model could feature the same price range.

Right now, there’s no guarantee that HTC will ever release a smartphone under the brand. If it does, it’s possible that not all models will be launched at the same time.


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