HTC U11 Android Pie update halted after causing issues for some owners


The HTC U11 finally started receiving its Android Pie update late last month, but it looks like there was a major issue with the update.

HTC has announced in Taiwan that it’s halted the U11’s Pie update. The company says that some HTC U11 owners were unable to unlock their phone via PIN or pattern code after updating, which seems like a pretty serious problem. HTC recommends that users who have upgraded to Android Pie and are able to unlock their phone should not install the WeChat app.

Anyone who’s unable to unlock their HTC U11 due to this Android 9.0 update can get their phone repaired by HTC.

Things have been a bit rough for HTC lately, and this doesn’t really help the situation. The U11 is one of HTC’s former flagship phones, and we’re betting that anyone who got locked out of their U11 after finally getting its Android Pie update are pretty frustrated. There’s no word on when the fixed Android Pie update may be released for the HTC U11, but hopefully it’s not a long wait.

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