Huawei is reportedly building an OS 60% faster than Android


Yesterday, there were reports that Huawei is considering Russian OS called Aurora as an Android replacement on its new devices. Yet there are other reports that Huawei will be building its own mobile operating system called HongMeng OS. Following this announcement, reports revealed that Huawei will be calling its new system Ark OS.

At this point, there is no official announcement on what Huawei will be calling its new OS or whether it will be using the Russian system. Despite these uncertainties, there is one thing that seems to be a guarantee: Huawei’s proprietary OS will be faster than Android.

GSMArena reported that Huawei intends to launch its own OS as early as October 2019. The report shows the OS will be limited to budget and mid-range smartphones in China. A good reason behind this limited availability is likely because Huawei wants to test out its system and the response of the market before it offers the OS on its flagship models. So far, the testers confirmed that the new OS is at least 60% faster compared to Android. Once the system becomes stable and suitable for the global market, it could be installed in the flagship devices that Huawei has lined up in the future.

The report also shares that Huawei is working with Chinese investment company called Tencent, along with other Chinese-owned tech companies like Vivo and OPPO. The smartphone manufacturer is said to be urging developers to publish their apps on the app store of its own OS. But as mobile business CEO Richard Yu shared, the OS will be “compatible with all Android app”. This means that developers are not expected to make any modifications on their apps.

As of this writing, there is no indication that such OS exists yet. But if the reports are true, would you be interested in using a device running Huawei’s new OS?


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