Instagram Reels is a TikTok rival that’s now on Android and iPhone

Instagram Reels official

We first heard about Instagram Reels almost one year ago when the TikTok rival began it’s testing in one country, Brazil. Apparently that testing went pretty well, because Instagram is now launching Reels widely.

Instagram Reels is now available on Android and iOS. With it, you can record 15-second videos using a series of clips, a video recorded all at once, or using video uploads from your gallery. If you record in the app, you’ll see a progress indicator at the top of your screen. You can begin making Reels by swiping right to access the camera in the main Instagram app.

There are several tools built into Reels to help you make you videos better. You can use Instagram’s music library or your own original audio, and there are AR effects that you can add.

There are also tools like a timer to record clips hands-free and  the ability to speed up and slow down part of the video or audio. Reels also offers an align tool that’ll line up objects from your previous clip before you record a new one, letting you make a seamless transition between the two clips before you make an outfit change or something else.


Once you’ve made your Reel, you can share it to a dedicated space in the Instagram app’s Explore section. You can also post it to your feed or your Story so your friends can see it. If you’ve got a private account, the Reels will follow your privacy settings.

You can watch Reels just by finding the dedicated section in the Explore tab. Just start watching and you’ll get a vertical feed that’s customized for you.

It remains to be seen if Instagram Reels will catch on the same way that TikTok has, but by building the feature directly into the main Instagram app rather than launching a completely new app, more folks may be inclined to give Reels a try.

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