Instagram reportedly working on TikTok-style ‘Clips’ feature

TikTok is a hugely popular social app right now, and it looks like Facebook and Instagram want a piece of that hype.

Instagram is reportedly working on a new TikTok-style feature for its Stories called “Clips”. Researcher Jane Manchun Wong found evidence of Clips using reverse engineering, and was able to determine some of the features that Instagram is planning for it.

With Clips, Instagram users will be able to record segments of videos into a single video story. It’s expected that they’ll be able to overlay music onto their Clips videos, too, as well as adjust the speed and timer of their videos.

Instagram Clips TikTok leak

This Clips feature is still in development, and so it’s unclear when or if it might launch and what exactly it could look like if it is released. We’ve seen Facebook and Instagram borrow features from competing apps in the past, though, and so it’s not a surprise to hear that they want to try and get in on some of TikTok’s popularity by adding a TikTok-style feature to Instagram.

Do you use TikTok? Would you use this Clips feature if it does launch in Instagram?

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