iOS 13 and iPadOS public beta updates now available for download

When Apple announced iOS 13, it said the first public beta release would be available in July. But it looks like Apple has decided to give public testers their first taste of iOS 13 a bit early.

Apple today released iOS 13 and iPadOS for public testers in the Apple Beta Software Program. If you’d like to give the updates a try for yourself, you can sign up for Apple’s program here. You’ll then be directed to download a configuration profile on your device, and then the update should be pushed to your iPhone or iPad.

One thing to keep in mind that while Apple is offering these updates to the public, this is still very much a beta. That means you could encounter bugs and that some things may not work totally smoothly. So if you are planning to download the iOS 13 or iPadOS public beta, you may want to do it on a secondary device rather than your daily driver. Performing a backup of your device before downloading the beta wouldn’t hurt, either.

iOS 13 and iPadOS are slated to launch to the public this fall. They bring with them many improvements, like a dark mode, better Apple Maps, faster Face ID, a swipe keyboard from Apple, and a Sign In with Apple feature that’ll let you sign in to apps using Apple rather than Facebook or Google, a move that Apple says will improve user privacy. A new CarPlay UI is included, too.

iPadOS adds iPad-specific improvements to iOS 13, like a new home screen layout that’ll let you see more apps on a single page and add your Today View widgets to your home screen, keeping them permanently in view. The Files app getting improved, too, adding support for USB drives and SD cards, and iPadOS will let you run multiple instances of the same app side-by-side. It’s also been discovered that iPadOS enables mouse support on Apple’s tablets.

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