iOS 13 includes new volume indicator, removes cellular download limit for apps

iOS 13 includes lots of new features, including a dark mode and improved privacy with the Sign In with Apple option, and now that the beta is available for download, more details about the update are coming out.

Apple has included a redesigned volume indicator with iOS 13. For years, iOS has popped up a big square in the center of your screen when you adjust the volume, blocking whatever it is you’re watching momentarily. That’s changing with iOS 13 with a new volume indicator that slides in from the side in the upper left corner of the display. When you’re in landscape mode, it’ll appear at the top of your screen

The indicator starts out somewhat wide, looking like the volume indicator in iOS’s Control Center. It slims down pretty quickly, though, so it’s not obstructing as much of the content you’re watching.

This is a huge change, and it’s kind of surprising that it took this long for Apple to improve the iOS volume indicator UI. Better late than never, though.

iOS 13 remove cellular download limit apps

Another notable change with iOS 13 involves the cellular download limit for the App Store. We told you just days ago that Apple increased the limit on the size of apps and other content you can download over a cellular connection, boosting it from 150MB to 200MB. In iOS 13, you’ll get a pop-up warning you that the app you’re trying to download is large and that “using data over a mobile network may incur additional fees”, but you can then choose to download anyway or schedule the download to start when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

This is customizable in the iOS Settings. When you attempt to download an app over 200MB, you can choose “Ask First” to have iOS ask what to do for any app size that you’re downloading over cellular, or “Ask If Over 200 MB”. You also have the “Always Allow” option, which will let you download apps of any size over cellular without any warnings.

We’ve seen unlimited data plans become widespread among U.S. carriers in recent years, and so it’s nice to see Apple allowing users to download apps of any size if you want. With this new section in Settings, you can choose to completely ditch the warnings if you’ve got unlimited data and just want to download whatever you want, whenever you want.

iOS 13 will launch to the public this fall.

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