iOS 14 rumored to add built-in translations to Safari

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Details on iOS 14 have been leaking out at a regular pace in recent months, and today we can add a couple more features to the list.

Apple is reportedly planning on adding a built-in translator tool to Safari in iOS 14. That’s according to 9to5Mac, who found the feature in an early build of iOS 14. This feature is expected to let you translate web pages without the need for another app or service.

It’s said that automatic translations will be offered, with Safari detecting which language the site is in and then translating it for you. Safari will also reportedly be able to switch between the original and translated text without reloading the page. 

Today’s report says that Apple is testing a translation feature for other apps, too, like the App Store.

All of this translation will purportedly be performed locally using the Neural Engine, meaning you wouldn’t need an internet connection to perform the translation and that there would be no data sent to Apple. 

Siri can translate words and phrases for you right now, but having a built-in translation feature in other apps would come in super handy for a lot of people. One attractive feature of Google Chrome is that it has built-in translation for those times you visit a site in a different language, letting you figure out what the site is saying without having to copy and paste the text from the broswer to a translation app. It’d be great to see Safari gain a similar feature.

Today’s report also claims that Safari in iPadOS 14 might gain Apple Pencil support. With it, you could scroll through webpages using the pencil as well as draw and markup pages. This could be useful for those times you’re drawing or taking notes but need to flip over to Safari and check out a webpage.

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