iPad Pro 2020 models include hardware microphone disconnect for improved security

iPad Pro 2020 keyboard case

We recently learned that the new iPad Pro 2020 models all include 6GB of RAM, which is an upgrade from the 2018 versions where only the 1TB model had that much RAM. Today another new feature of Apple’s latest iPad Pros has been revealed.

Apple has confirmed that the iPad Pro 2020 models include a hardware microphone disconnect (via 9to5Mac). This means that whenever a Made for iPhone (MFI) compliant case is attached to the iPad and is closed, the microphone is disconnected in hardware.

This feature prevents any microphone audio data from being available to any software, even if it has root or kernel privileges in iPadOS.

Apple has been including this feature with 2018 and later MacBook models that include a T2 security chip. Many people are now using iPads for their computing needs rather than a laptop, especially with the iPad Pro and its powerful specs, and so it’s good to see Apple bring this security feature to the 2020 iPad Pro.¬†

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