iPhone 12 mass production will reportedly be delayed by a month

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It’s thought that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic caused Apple to switch WWDC to a new online format this year, and now it sounds like production of Apple’s next iPhone might be affected, too.

Apple is pushing back mass production of its 2020 iPhone models by about a month. That’s according to the Wall Street Journal, which says that the phones are expected to launch this year.

Normally Apple begins mass production of its new iPhones in early summer and builds up its inventory around August to be ready for a launch in September. While Apple is still expected to start building its 2020 iPhone models in the July to September timeframe, the ramp up of mass production is expected to be delayed a month.

Today’s report adds that Apple is reducing the number of phones that it plans to make in the second half of the year by as much as 20%.

It’s expected that Apple will launch four new iPhone models this year: one with a 5.4-inch screen, two with 6.1-inch displays, and one with a 6.7-inch screen. All four will reportedly have OLED displays and some are said to include 5G support, too.

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak is likely having an affect on Apple’s iPhone plans in a few different ways. While some factories in Asia have reopened, the pandemic made it difficult for Apple’s engineering team to help guide prototype iPhone assembly in Asia since they couldn’t travel there, instead having to rely on video calls. And whenever the new phones do launch, sales could be a bit less than normal for a new iPhone launch as many consumers have been hit financially by the coronavirus and may not want to buy an expensive new phone.

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