iPhone 12 rumored to include braided Lightning to USB-C cable

iPhone 12 braided Lightning to USB-C cable leak

Rumors have said that Apple may not include headphones or a wall charger with the iPhone 12, but today a new leak shows that it may ship an improved Lightning cable with its next iPhone.

Photos have leaked out today that purport to show an Apple Lightning to USB-C cable with a braided fabric design. The images were shared to Weibo by ChargerLAB (via MacRumors), and they listed several improvements that this braided cable has over the current Lightning cable Apple includes with the iPhone.

iPhone 12 braided Lightning cable

The first change is the braided fabric on the cable itself. This could help the cable be more durable and better stand up to bending than the current cables with rubber coating. Apple does include braided cables with some of its other products, like the Mac Pro that comes with a braided Lightning cable, and it also sells a braided Thunderbolt Pro cable.

This cable also includes 8 silver contacts with rhodium-plated ruthenium, which could better resist corrosion and be more durable.

iPhone 12 braided Lightning to USB-C cable connectors

ChargerLAB measured the cable and found that it’s 1.05 meters, which is nearly the same as the 1-meter cable that Apple currently sells. This cable is just a bit thicker than the cable Apple sells, too, and it’s said to include an original Apple Made for iPhone-certified terminal.

After testing the cable on an iPhone and iPad, ChargerLAB also found that it was able to fast charge both an iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPad Air 3 at their maximum speeds.

Apple has been used the same rubber-coated cable design for years, and it’s often criticized for its cables that break too easily. This fabric-braided Lightning to USB-C cable definitely looks like it could withstand more use than Apple’s rubber-coated cables, and it would be a more premium pack-in for Apple’s flagship iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models.¬†

iPhone 12 braided Lightning to USB-C cable close

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