Is it time for Apple to allow iOS users to set third-party apps as default?

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Apple’s App Store was the boost the app market needed at the time. All these years later the company is not shy about announcing just how much money it has paid out to developers, and how big the App Store is. “There’s an app for that” is more true today than it ever has been, with so many options out there it can be pretty daunting if you’re just looking for a calculator.

But that doesn’t mean Apple’s ready to hand over the reins just yet.

What I mean by that is default apps. There is no denying that Apple is aware of how important apps are in general. We’ve seen mobile operating systems rise and fall based on their support for them (we will always miss you, Windows Phone) — or lack there of, to be more specific. iOS and Android’s dominance is due in part to the platforms themselves, yeah, but because app support is so high.

We have been getting annual iOS updates for years now, and for many of them, there has been an almost incessant call for third-party default app support. That request has fallen on deaf years for pretty much the entire time, but word on the street today is that Apple may be considering making what could be one of the biggest changes to the mobile operating system ever.

Some folks don’t want to use Safari as their default web browser, and don’t for as long as they can avoid it. But anyone who uses iOS knows that opening a web link will open Apple’s internet browser by default. Some users want it to open Firefox, or Chrome, or, hey, maybe even Microsoft’s new Chromium Edge browser. And the same can be said for default email apps, too.

Of course, there have been rumors in the past that Apple was going to do this and it never happened. It’s possible that nothing comes from the reports today, either. And yet, it almost feels like it might finally be possible. Apple is more receptive to its customers these days. Not completely, sure, but more than it has been in the past.

I know that I would be happy with being able to change my default mail app.

Maybe it’s finally time for Apple to let iOS users choose their default apps. What do you think? Is this the year? And, if so, is this a feature change you’re actually looking forward to? Let me know!

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