It’s about time Apple phases out the iPhone’s notch

Apple iPhone XS Max

Almost immediately after Apple introduced the iPhone X in 2017, people were denouncing it because of the notch. Many thought it was a terrible design decision, even if it did mean that Apple could introduce the TrueDepth camera, Animoji/Memoji, and, best of all, the biometric security measure Face ID. But as Apple praised the minimized bezels and bigger screen real estate, that notch was alike an all-seeing eye that refused to blink.

I had my doubts about the notch from the get-go as well, but I was willing to give it a shot.

Here we are with the iPhone 11 series, more than two years later, and the notch is still not great. Yes, I like Face ID for the most part, but I’d give up Face ID in favor of Touch ID and no notch in a heart beat. I think the idea itself is silly when we use our phones to look at things every single day. Removing any of that screen real estate for a weird design that cuts into the screen is just nonsensical to me.

But this is the way that Apple went, and so I’ve just went with it because the rest of Apple’s latest iPhones have been great as far as design and features are concerned. So I live with the notch — but I’ve been hoping that the rumor mill’s staunch belief that the company will shrink it down is accurate.

Because, maybe one day, we won’t have a notch at all.

That’s been the goal for Apple if you follow the rumors. Getting rid of the notch altogether. But thanks in part to the fact that Apple refreshes the iPhone every year that might mean phasing it out slowly. One could argue that we haven’t seen Apple shrinking the bezel between now and the iPhone X’s debut, and that would be accurate. But a recent report suggested that 2020 will be the year the transition away from the notch really starts, and we could see a smaller design later this year.

I’m all for it! I’m also for Apple skipping a year and not giving us a new iPhone if it meant that we could get rid of the notch sooner. But alas, that’s probably not going to happen. So if we are going to phase it out, that will have to do. And that’s certainly better than nothing.

But, what do you think? Can you live with the notch for the next few years, or even forever? Have you grown to like it? Or is it still a design decision you’re not a fan of? Let me know!

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