It’s probably time for Apple to ditch the charger in the iPhone box

Apple iPhone power adapter

It’s now officially July, which means we’re just about two months away from Apple taking the stage and introducing new iPhones. This year is going to be another busy year, at least if the rumors are true, because we’re apparently getting four new devices. Two cheaper options, and a pair of “Pro” models that will cost a bit more and offer more than the two other variants. Nothing wild or anything, but several different options to choose from.

And none of them are going to have a charger in the box, apparently.

Now, you’ve probably heard about this quite a bit already, because it was being passed around the news cycle quite a bit before June ended. And, as one might expect, there are a lot of differing opinions on the subject. Has the “greedy Apple” found yet another way to rake customers over the coals and nickel and dime them again? Maybe! Or maybe Apple’s just found a way to slim down its packaging, shrink its shipping/freight costs, and, actually take another step in the right direction tackling environmental issues.

Because e-waste is a big deal, and the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of chargers out there that don’t actually get used, tossed aside, and thrown away and forgotten, are an issue. It doesn’t have to be this way, but we’ve been making it so for years now that it just feels like the way it should be. An expectation.

I think there is a leg to stand on for the argument that most people who are buying new iPhones this year probably have a wall charger that can handle giving the new device power when they need it. I don’t think Apple has to include a charger this year, or every year for that matter. And if this will actually tackle some real issues, then I guess we’re going to have to deal with it.

And I think we’ll be okay!

But I’m also aware that this is a company that sells a set-top box for streaming content to your TV without an HDMI cable to actually do that, and maybe that is playing a part of why not including a charger with an iPhone seems so wildly frustrating.

So I’ve definitely been on both sides of this fence, but I’ve come down on the side of this being a positive thing. It will be rough at the start, but I think it will be okay in the end. There’s a catch though: Apple absolutely needs to tackle this on stage at its iPhone event in September (or whenever it happens). They need to basically sell us on it without saying it’s a courageous move. Make it about the environment, and shipping costs (and maybe tell customers how that will impact them in a positive way!), and then maybe it will be okay right out of the gate.

But, what do you think? Are you ready for a future with iPhones sold without a charger in the box? Do you think companies will follow suit? Let me know!

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