Leaked Verizon document shows Galaxy Note 10, new iPhone, Pixel 4 launch timing

Google Pixel 4

There have been some big phone launches in the first half of 2019, but there are still a few more left to come, like Apple’s new iPhone and the Galaxy Note 10. Now we’ve got an idea of when those devices are expected to launch.

A 2019 Verizon Marketing Calendar has leaked, giving us an idea of when to expect major smartphone releases in the second half of 2019. Shared by Evan Blass, the calender puts the Galaxy Note 10 launch in late August, the new iPhone in late September, and the Pixel 4 around the middle of October.

Verizon Galaxy Note 10, 2019 iPhone, Pixel 4 launch

Many of these launch dates line up with what we were expecting for Samsung, Apple, and Google’s new 2019 flagships. The Galaxy Note 9 launched in late August last year, and Google has introduced all three Pixel flagships in early October and then launched them in the following weeks. Similarly, Apple has introduced recent iPhone models in early September and launched them later in the month.

Still, it’s nice to get an idea of when the Note 10, new iPhone, and Pixel 4 will all be launching. Those are sure to be some of the biggest phone releases of 2019, and now anyone interested in them has a window to look forward to. Of course, some folks interested in the Pixel 4 may be disappointed that they still have to wait until October for the phone’s launch after Google confirmed it yesterday, but hey, at least now we know it’ll have dual rear cameras.

Which remaining 2019 phone launch are you most looking forward to?

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