LG reportedly dropping G series of smartphones

LG G8, G8X

LG’s G series of flagships has been around a long time, starting way back in 2012 with the launch of the LG Optimus G, but now it looks like the series may be dead.

LG has reportedly decided to ditch its G series of flagship smartphones and will instead give each model a special name to highlight its main feature. That’s according to reports from Naver and The Korea Herald.

“For upcoming premium phones, the naming will focus on each model’s design or special feature,” an LG official reportedly said. This decision is said to have been revealed at a recent meeting between LG and carriers in South Korea.

When asked about the status of the G series, LG Global Communications Director Ken Hong told Android Authority that “there are many proposals being batted around” and that when a decision on strategy is made, that news will come “directly from [LG], not through the Korean media.”

The G series has been a big deal for LG for a long time, but lately LG seems to be more focused on its V series of flagships. Originally, the V series phones featured a second screen ticker display to help them stand out from the G series, but LG has abandoned that feature and in recent years the V series and G series have become more and more alike.

Considering all that, it’s not a huge surprise to hear that LG may be consolidating its flagship lineups and ditching the G series.

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