LG teases new device with extendable display

Today the LG Wing was made official as the first device in LG’s Explorer Project, which aims to “discover new ways to interact with mobile devices.” And at the end of the announcement, LG teased its next unique device.

LG appears to be prepping a new device with an extendable screen. In the final 40 seconds or so of its LG Wing announcement video, LG shows the side view of a device that can be seen extending and retracting (via CNET). The clip ends with the phrase “Hold your breath”.

Little is known about this mystery device and LG so far hasn’t said anything about it. But a smartphone with an extendable slide-out screen seems like it’d be a great fit for LG’s Explorer Project, which already includes the LG Wing and its swiveling dual display design.

LG actually isn’t the first smartphone maker to tease a device with an extendable screen in 2020. TCL showed a concept phone earlier this year with an extendable screen that started out measuring 6.75 inches but could be extended to 7.8 inches. It achieved this using an internal motor that could extend a flexible AMOLED display or roll it back up into the body with the press of a button.

Does a smarpthone with an extendable slide-out display interest you?

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