LG teases upcoming smartphone with ‘new minimalistic design language’

LG phone minimalistic phone design

LG today teased that it’s got an upcoming smartphone with an all-new design language.

LG says that it’s new smartphone is a “nod to the natural world” that “differs from the industry trend”. The company also says that the overall design will be a departure from the devices that it’s released in the past.

This new design includes a “Raindrop” camera that has three rear cameras and an LED flash in descending order by size, meant to remind you of falling raindrops. The main camera sits slightly above the surface while the other two are under glass.

LG new phone design Raindrop camera

Also included is a 3D Arc Design where the edges of the screen and the rear of the phone are symmetrically curved. LG explains that this is meant to give the phone a more natural feeling in your hand while also having fewer sharp edges.

“Our upcoming smartphone will draw on the rich history of classic LG designs which have always been distinctive at first touch,” said Cha Yong-duk, head of LG’s Mobile Communications Design Lab. “This handset will be a first-look at the competitive edge we will be bringing to every LG smartphone going forward.”

It’s unclear exactly what device LG is teasing with this announcement. It just launched the LG V60 ThinQ 5G, so it’s unlikely that this is a new V series device. When rumors of LG dropping the G series emerged last month, the company talked up those devices and said that it was looking forward to sharing more details soon, so perhaps this is a new G series phone or something new that’ll replace those devices.

LG isn’t revealing when this mystery device will be fully revealed, so stay tuned and we’ll update you with more as we get it.

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