LG Velvet is the start of a new product roadmap with a design focus

LG Velvet logo

A few days after teasing a new smartphone with a “minimalistic design language”, LG has dropped a few more details on its upcoming device.

LG Velvet is the new phone from the Life’s Good crew that’ll begin a new product roadmap. LG says that this new family of devices will move away from alphanumeric designations in favor of expressive names.

With Velvet, LG aims to evoke thoughts of “lustrous smoothness and premium softness”, which it says are two major focuses of the new device.

The LG Velvet will feature the “Raindrop” camera with three rear cameras an an LED flash that’ll be in descending order by size. LG teased last week that the main camera will sit slightly above the surface of the device while the other two cams will be under the glass.

LG also teases that the Velvet will have a symmetrical from factor. The company said last week that it’s working on a 3D Arc Design where the edges of the screen and the rear of the phone are symmetrically curved, giving it a more natural feeling in your hands.

With its new phone, LG wants to focus more on design than specs. LG’s flagship G and V series phones have typically been well-specced devices, but with its new product roadmap, the company wants to rely more on design to help its devices stand out.

LG hasn’t said when its Velvet will be fully revealed.

LG Velvet new design

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