LG Velvet specs confirmed ahead of May 7th event

LG Velvet colors official

LG recently said that it’ll officially unveil the Velvet on May 7th, but the company couldn’t wait until then to spill most of the Velvet’s spec list.

The LG Velvet will feature a 6.8-inch display with 20.5:9 aspect ratio and waterdrop notch. The left and right sides of the screen are curved and the rear of the phone is curved at the same angle to give the phone its 3D Arc Design.

Around back is the Raindrop triple camera setup. It includes a 48MP main cam that uses pixel binning technology to combine 4 pixels into 1, helping you to take clearer photos in the dark. Also included in that rear camera array is an 8MP ultra wide camera and 5MP depth cam.

LG is touting that the Velvet’s got a couple of special features for recording video. Voice Out Focus will help you separate background noise when capturing a video, like removing the sound from a windy beach, so you can hear voice more clearly.

Also included is an ASMR recording feature that’ll boost the sensitivity of two high-performance microphones to give you more vivid sound.

LG Velvet Illusion Sunset

Inside the LG Velvet is a Snapdragon 765 processor with 5G support and a 4300mAh battery. Stereo speakers will help give you better sound when consuming content and using the Velvet’s built-in speakers, and LG has also included an Artificial Intelligence Sound that’ll analyze the content you’re playing and set the optimal audio quality.

Finally, LG has confirmed that the Velvet will support accessories like the Dual Screen that we’ve seen on devices like the V60 and G8X. Stylus pen support will be included as well.

The LG Velvet will launch on May 15th in Korea with four color options: Aurora White, Aurora Gray, Aurora Green, and Illusion Sunset. There’s no word yet on when the Velvet might make its way to other parts of the globe.

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