LG Wing video leak gives us our first look at the dual display design

It’s been a few months since we last heard about the LG Wing, but today that’s changing with a big new leak.

A new video shows us the LG Wing in the flesh. A video shared by Android Authority depicts the LG Wing mounted to a car’s dashboard, with the main display being used for navigation while the secondary screen sticking out to the side and displaying music controls and an incoming call notification.

Today’s report also offers a bit more info on how the LG Wing’s secondary display works. It allegedly flips out with a twisting motion like an old T-Mobile Sidekick.

LG Wing swiveling second display leak

The LG Wing is reminiscent of the old LG VX-9400. That feature phone had a display that would normally be in a vertical orientation with directional buttons and Send and End keys below it. You could twist the display horizontally to watch TV with a service like MediaFlo, which was one of the VX-9400’s main selling points. There was also a physical numpad under the screen that’d be exposed when the display was twisted horizontally.

There’s little information about when the LG Wing might launch or how much it’ll cost when it does, but if it’s being used in the wild like this video shows, a release could be close.

Rumors on its specs are light, too, but we’ve heard that the main display could be 6.8 inches while the secondary screen is 4 inches. Also rumored is a Snapdragon 765G processor and a triple rear camera array that includes a 64MP main sensor.

Now that we’ve seen the LG Wing in the real world, are you getting interested in it?


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