Messenger Rooms rolling out globally with support for 50-person video calls

Messenger Rooms iPhone

Less than one month after Messenger Rooms was announced, Facebook says its new video calling service is available to everyone.

Messenger Rooms is now rolling out globally. With it, you can create a free video call that supports up to 50 participants at once. There’s no time limit to calls and you can invite anyone by sharing a link with them, even if they don’t have a Facebook account.

Anyone can create a room in Messenger and folks in North America also have the option of creating a room from Facebook. That means you can use your Android or iOS device to start a Messenger Room so long as you’ve got one of those apps installed, or you can download the Messenger Desktop app for Windows and macOS and start a Messenger Room that way.

Facebook says that soon it’ll add ways for you to create Messenger Rooms from Instagram Direct, WhatsApp, and Portal, too.

Other features of Messenger Rooms include the ability for the person who created the room to control who can join, who sees the room, and if the room is locked or unlocked to new guests. The creator can also remove other people in the room at any time.

With so many people quarantining at home to fight the coronavirus pandemic, lots of folks are participating in more video calls than ever before. With Messenger Rooms, Facebook is making it as easy as possible to create and join video calls to encourage people to use its video calling service over all the others. The fact that you can invite someone who doesn’t have a Facebook account could help to make Messenger Rooms a more attractive option, as will the 50-person limit.

Have you tried Messenger Rooms yet?

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