Microsoft’s Surface Duo will get three years of Android OS updates

Microsoft Surface Duo hands-on

Microsoft is back in the smartphone game with the Surface Duo, which is now available for pre-order for $1,399.99. Today we’ve got a bit more news on the Surface Duo that could help convince some folks who are interested in the dual-screen device to pull the pre-order trigger.

The Surface Duo will receive three years of Android OS and security updates. Microsoft confirmed this commitment to Android Authority today.

One of the benefits of Google’s Pixel phones is that they’re guaranteed to get OS and security updates for three years, and Samsung recently made a similar commitment for its Galaxy flagship phones. So it’s good to see Microsoft making a similar pledge for the Surface Duo.

Flagship smartphones are becoming increasingly pricey lately, which can result in many people keeping them for three, four, or five years. Continued OS and security updates make it easier to keep a phone for that long and commitments to years of updates can help seal a purchase for consumers interested in a new phone, especially more expensive ones. 

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