Mint Mobile extends its free unlimited data offer to May 14th

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Mint Mobile previously said that it would give customers free unlimited data through mid-April so that they could stay connected through the coronavirus pandemic, and now it’s extending that offer.

Mint Mobile’s offer of free unlimited data will now run through May 14th. The deal was originally slated to end on April 14th, so now Mint Mobile customers will get an extra month of unlimited data for free.

This offer is available to both new and existing Mint Mobile customers. To claim it, you’ll need to go into the Mint Mobile app and purchase a 1GB or 3GB data add-on. You’ll then be reimbursed for your purchase. Mint Mobile says refunds will be issued within 24 hours, but that your credit card’s bank may take a little longer to process the refund.

You can buy data add-ons through the Mint Mobile app for Android or iOS.

You can buy as many data add-ons as you need, effectively giving you unlimited data. You can only buy a new data add-on once you’ve used 95% of your current add-on, though, so you’ll have to keep topping yourself up if you need the data. Still, it’s nice to see Mint Mobile extend its free data offer and keep its customers connected during these trying times.

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