More iPhone SE details: Cases, (PRODUCT)RED proceeds go to coronavirus relief

iPhone SE 2020 PRODUCT RED

Apple today introduced its updated iPhone SE, and we already ran down all of the features and launch info of the new device for you. Now that we’ve had some time to dig into the new iPhone a little more, we’ve found a few other tidbits that might be interesting to you.

First up, Apple is selling silicone and leather cases for the iPhone SE. The silicone cases are available in White, Black, and Pink Sand colors and are $35 each, while the leather cases are $45 apiece and available in Midnight Blue, Black, and (PRODUCT)RED colors.

If you’re upgrading to the iPhone SE from an iPhone 8, though, you should be able to continue using whatever cases you’ve already got. That’s because Apple confirmed to The Verge that cases designed for the iPhone 8 will work fine with the iPhone SE.

In other iPhone SE news, Apple revealed today that a portion of the proceeds from iPhone SE (PRODUCT)RED purchases will go directly to the Global Fund’s new COVID-19 Response. The COVID-19 Response will provide funding to countries in need of PPE, diagnostics treatment, lab equipment, public safety communications, supply chain support, and more.

Finally, Apple has rolled out AppleCare+ protection offerings for new iPhone SE buyers. There are two AppleCare+ options available, with the first offering additional technical support plus coverage for hardware repairs and accidental damage for $3.99 per month or $79.00.

Also available is AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss. Priced at $7.99 per month or $149.00, this plan includes the additional technical support plus coverage for hardware repair and accidental damage of the regular AppleCare+ and adds coverage for theft and loss as well.

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