More OnePlus 8 series specs confirmed, including Snapdragon 865

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Just one day after confirming the OnePlus 8 series launch event, OnePlus has confirmed several of the key specs of its upcoming flagships.

In a forum post sent “via OnePlus 8 Pro”, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau today confirmed that the OnePlus 8 series will be powered by a Snapdragon 865 processor. OnePlus is also utilizing LPDDR5 RAM for the first time, which the company touts uses 45% lower power consumption compared to the previous generation.

Speedy UFS 3.0 storage will be packed into the OnePlus 8 series as well, offering read and write speeds of around 1,700MB/s. But OnePlus isn’t stopping there, because it’s also adding two of its own special technologies to make the OnePlus 8 series’ storage even better.

First is Turbo Write, which uses the upper section of the ROM storage as a high-speed read/write interval. And then there’s Host Performance Booster (HPB), which OnePlus says can improve the random read performance after extended use.

All of these features help us to fill out the spec lists of the OnePlus 8 phones ahead of their April 14th debut. OnePlus has previously confirmed that it’ll show a display with 120Hz refresh rate — which rumors say will be exclusive to the OnePlus 8 Pro — and that all of the OnePlus 8 lineup will include 5G support.

With a couple weeks to go before the OnePlus 8 announcement, we could see OnePlus spill a few more details on its upcoming phones to help build excitement, so stay tuned.

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