Moto Z4 receives first update to improve 5G stability


A few days after the Moto Z4 hit Verizon’s shelves and it’s already getting its first update.

The update is said to address some of the stability issues experienced with the Moto Mod 5G. Considering the Moto Z4 is being targeted for its 5G support Moto Mod, this is an important update.

Right now, there are only a few devices that come equipped with 5G support. The Moto Z4 is one of those devices, thanks to its Moto Mod 5G attachment. And since the major US carriers have already launched 5G network in certain areas and parts of the country, those who want to be the first to enjoy blazing hot speeds need to have a 5G-capable device on hand. The Moto Z4 is just one of the short list of options to choose from.

In addition to improved stability, the first update to the Moto Z4 also adds May security patch to improve its security. If you are already the owner of a Moto Z4 and would like to update your device, you can manually trigger the update by heading to System updates under About phone in Settings.


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